Jul Orr Vocational Services contracts with the State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Department providing Job Development Services to their clients in Lane, Linn and Benton counties. There are no fees for our service to employers or job seekers.

We develop and seek out job opportunities with local employers that align with the skills and abilities our clients possess. Our goal is to supply local businesses with a qualified and motivated work force and to create a win-win situation for both, the employers and our clients.

We have a record of matching employers with their ideal employees in a wide variety of positions such as Caregivers, Administrative and Medical Assistants, Mechanics, Security Officers, Janitors, Cabinet Makers and other Production Specialists, Hospital workers, Information Specialists, and many more.

In the last four years, we are proud to have become one of the highest-ranking job developers in the State of Oregon in placements and retention. Our clients excel at their jobs and help build successful businesses.

Our Process:

Our clients are vetted through the State of Oregon as being reliable and ready-to-work.
These clients have a wide range of skills and abilities.
After our clients make it through the screening process, Jul Orr Vocational Services gets to work to match them with the ideal employer.
Once candidate is hired, we can assist making the initial months smooth sailing.

If you are wondering…

Does your new hire need special certifications? We can help with that.
Would your company like assistance training? We can be on the job by their side or even help reimburse the training hours.
Could your company benefit from the tax incentives from hiring through Jul Orr Vocational Services? Absolutely! And we’ll even help you through the process.

Our mission is to help you find your ideal employee that matches your hiring needs.

Our services:

1. Candidate Screenings

2. Work Assessments

3. Job Placement for Candidates/Employers

4. Job Coaching (training assistance)

5. Aiding Employers with Navigating Hiring Tax Incentives

6. Retention Services (transition into workforce training)

For information about our services to employers, click here.

For information about our services for job seekers, click here.